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The Education Data Warehouse (EDW) project team has spoken to 48 individuals across School of Medicine departments and divisions, as well as representatives from UNC Health ISD and UNC ITS to gather requirements, document how data are currently being used, and identify opportunities for improvement. The insights gathered will help inform the approach for future phases of the EDW initiative, which is expected be a multi-year endeavor.

The conversations have included representatives from a wide range of teams, including the Offices of Medical Student Education (Admissions, Curricular Affairs, and Student Affairs), Graduate Medical Education, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development, the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program, the SET Center, and multiple programs within the Department of Health Sciences. The project team will continue to engage with stakeholders and subject matter experts across the School of Medicine to gather input throughout the progression of the EDW.

Concurrently, a separate EDW technical analysis team has been at work. They are interviewing technical staff from more than a dozen peer institutions to inform our technical requirements, document how different data schemas and technical infrastructure impact staffing and delivery models and look for lessons learned.  They are developing valuable relationships to help during the implementation phase of the EDW project.  This will augment the team’s investigation into modern infrastructure and database capabilities to arrive on a final recommended architecture and toolset.

The project team facilitated a Data Strategy and Principles workshop on October 23rd to discuss key current and future state considerations in the context of UNC School of Medicine educational data.

An overview of the project, bibliography of reference materials, resources, and the latest progress updates can be found at the newly launched EDW website: