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Any faculty, staff and students from UNC SOM and surrounding AHEC sites can submit nominations. Where appropriate, the Awards Committee recommends that awards come from peer nominations via letters from the Course Director, Faculty Course Members, and/or Department Chairs or Division Chiefs. Each nomination requires a nominating or supporting letter from the Department Chair or Division Chief. The nomination letter should provide information on the teaching contributions and evaluations of the nominee, if available and applicable to the specific award. Other support letters could be solicited by the nominator from other course faculty and/or students. The nomination cycle will commence on this webpage from Jan. 17 – March 11.

A completed nomination packet includes the following:

  • A Nomination Letter from the Nominator (unless self-nominating*)
  • A SOM formatted CV from the Nominee in PDF format
  • A Letter from the Division Chief, Department Chair, or Center Director of the Nominee
  • OPTIONAL Additional Letters of Support (one additional letter required if self-nominating*)

*Self-Nominations: Interested educators should not wait to be nominated if they qualify for an award. All potential awardees are encouraged to request letters and submit their packet as a self-nomination. At a minimum, self-nominations should include the Division Chief/Chair/Center Director letter AND one additional letter of support from someone who can speak to the nominee’s skills and accomplishments as an educator.