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Service Description

Software and Hardware Troubleshooting for Laptop & Desktop (Mac, Windows, iOS & Android devices)

School of Medicine IT provides support for a wide range of IT issues to all students, faculty, and staff. Technicians are available via online live chat, onsite, by phone, or the IT Service Desk.

  • Accounts and Access
    Your digital profile grants you permission to online University resources as needed while protecting data by limiting access appropriately.
  • Email and Calendar
    UNC’s Office 365 service provides a feature-rich email and calendar service with support for a wide range of devices. In addition to these features, UNC clients receive access to Office 365 services online as well as the ability to install the Office application suite on up to five devices.
  • Hardware Support
    Support is available for most hardware installations and repairs.  Warranty repairs for Dell, Lenovo, and Apple computers are handled by the UNC Computer Repair Center.  Non-warranty repairs are handled in-house and addressed on an individual basis.  New computers purchased through the UNC CCI program are configured in accordance with UNC security and networking standards.
    Recommended Technology Equipment list for your convenience.
  • Network Access (Wi-Fi)
    Wireless network access is provided via the UNC eduroam or UNC-PSK networks.
  • Network Access (Wired)
    Wired network access is provided via campus networking infrastructure and requires IT assistance for proper configuration.
  • VPN
    The UNC VPN service allows secure off-campus access to campus-based resources.
  • Security Protection
    Assistance with desktop and mobile device protection including antivirus, disk encryption, and more.
  • Security Remediation
    Assistance with removing unwanted programs and recovering from security mishaps.
  • Laptop & Desktop Backup
    Network drive file storage is automatically backed up and is the recommended location for storage of important files. A separate client-based backup service that provides an online backup and recovery solution for data stored locally on the computer is available at an additional cost.
  • Data Recovery
    Limited data recovery capabilities are available; UNC has agreements with several professional data recovery vendors that can be utilized at an additional cost.
  • Information
    Guidance and answers for all your IT questions.

Software and Hardware Installation for Laptop & Desktop (Mac, Windows, iOS & Android devices)

School of Medicine IT provides support installing software and hardware for students, faculty, and staff. Technicians are available via online live chat, onsite, by phone, or the IT Service Desk.

  • Software Setup and Installation
    • Software Acquisition
      Provides free and discounted software through centrally negotiated agreements. Consists of a product website, software ordering system and software management service.
    • Software Installation
      School of Medicine IT technicians are available to assist with installation of approved, properly licensed software packages.
  • Hardware Setup and Installation
    • Recommended Technology Equipment
    • CCI Hardware Acquisition (SOM recommended)
      Carolina Computing Initiative hardware is the SOM recommended standard for purchases such as laptops, desktops and monitors. Computers purchased through the CCI program are fully supported for configuration compliant with campus security policies. CCI provides access to purchase computer hardware at a discounted rate with free on campus warranty repairs. More information on departmental purchases through the CCI program.
    • Consultation
      School of Medicine IT techs review clients’ business needs and recommend appropriate solutions through IT consultation.
  • Mobile Device Management Setup and Installation
    Assistance with configuration of mobile devices in compliance with UNC security policies.
  • Surplus
    When a system has reached the end of its life cycle and is ready to be surplussed, School of Medicine IT offers a safe and secure method of disposing hard drive(s) to ensure the protection of data.

Associated Fees

View the UNC School of Medicine IT Client Service and Support Service Level Agreement

Request Support

  • Call the Service Desk at 962-HELP (24/7)
  • Live Chat (Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm)
    • Starting March 31, 2023 Live Chat hours are from Monday-Friday, 7pm-5pm
  • Visit our Walk-in Area: 137 MacNider Hall (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8am-5pm; Wed 9am-5pm)