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Applications for visiting medical students are received through the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

Students not able to access the VSAS program should contact the Visiting Student Coordinator, at the Office of Student Affairs at (919) 962-8338 for information on how to apply.

In addition to the VSAS information, the following items are also required:

  • Medical school transcript
  • A letter of recommendation, preferably from an Emergency Medicine faculty
  • A brief personal written statement detailing your reasons for choosing UNC
  • USMLE scores to date

The course listing for the UNC/WakeMed EM Advanced Internship is ERMD 401-2. Please note that availability to visiting medical students is dependent on the number of clerkship spots not already taken by UNC medical students.

** If you are an international student and/or are unable to access VSAS, please apply via the UNC SOM Student Affairs Office at this website. If your application is approved by Student Affairs, it will then be forwarded to us for consideration.

The Department of Emergency Medicine offers a scholarship for under-represented Minority providers in Emergency Medicine. Scholarships of $1500 to offset travel, lodging, food, and other educational expenses related to the acting internship will be awarded on a rolling basis starting in April. Please see the attached PDF for more information.

You may contact Kari Corker, the clerkship coordinator, with any questions.