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Child Neurology Residents 2020

Nathaniel Wooten, MD Nathaniel Wooten, MD (PGY-5)

Nate received his medical degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. He grew up in Raleigh, NC and went to undergraduate school at Wake Forest University. Nate’s areas of interest are concussion and epilepsy. He chose UNC because of the warm people, wonderful location, and its strong commitment to education. Some of his hobbies include exercising, cooking, and backpacking.

Luke Quehl, MD Luke Quehl, MD (PGY-4)

Luke received his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine. He also received a BA in English and biology from BU. Luke is interested in neurodevelopmental disorders, public health, TBI and neurocritical care. He focused his undergraduate English studies on oral tradition and enjoys observing the vast differences in how two patients might explain the same symptoms, and reflects on ways he might tailor his interview style to establish their trust and build their medical literacy.

Luke likes to tinker with tech, design, and programming, and has used these skills for designing and building sets for plays and dabbling in 3D. He also enjoys anything that puts him outside in a new place including bicycling, camping, farming and traveling. He chose UNC because of its reputation for excellence in comprehensive care, its strong advocacy for vulnerable patient populations, and the friendliness of everybody here.

Michaela Squire, MD Michaela Squire, DO (PGY-3)

Michaela received a D.O. degree from Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University. She received her undergraduate degree in neuroscience from Brigham Young University.

After completing a visiting rotation with the Pediatric Neurology team, Michaela knew she had found her residency home: “UNC is full of so many kind, helpful, and encouraging residents and attending physicians. I realized that it would be a privilege to be part of a team with such admirable qualities. Not only that, but I have a desire to work with children with developmental disabilities in the future. With the Carolina Institute of Developmental Disabilities on campus, I will have the opportunity to work with such patients as I complete my residency training.” She loves the outdoors; her favorite activities are running and playing soccer. From the age of 3 until the age of 9, Michaela lived in Basingstoke, England.

Steven Papas, MD Steven Papas, MD (PGY-3)

Steven received his MD from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine and his BS in biology from Mississippi College.

Steven and his wife are kept busy by their two-year-old daughter, Charleston. While he loves to read, exercise, and hang out with friends, his favorite way to spend his time is with his family – their favorite family hobby is cooking and singing and dancing in the kitchen to everything Disney with Charlie! Steven chose UNC for residency training because of the people. “It was so important to me to train in a place where the people are thoroughly impressive the way this program is. From Dr. McNeal-Trice to every other person I met while visiting Chapel Hill, I felt loved and at home. During that first experience here, it was easy to see the heart of this entire program and how it is for its people. I couldn’t imagine investing these next most valuable years of my life and my family’s life anywhere else!”

Stacey Chung, MD Stacey Chung, MD, DPharm (PGY-2)

Stacey received her MD from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences; a DPharm degree from the University of Michigan; and a BS degree in biology from Nova Southeastern University.

Stacey grew up five minutes from Disney World so naturally became a big fan of all things Disney; if she wasn’t a physician, she would be a Disney Imagineer! She and her partner are parents to a sweet little Pibble named Atlas – he’s always up for an adventure but also loves his cuddle time! In her free time, Stacey loves going on hikes, training Atlas, working out, and belting out a good Disney tune in the car. She chose UNC for her child neurology training because it was important to her to train at a place that not only had strong clinical training and education, but also a place where everyone is family. This was obvious with every person she interacted with at UNC; she knew she wanted to call Chapel Hill home.

Holly Phillipe, MD Holly Phillippe, DO (PGY-2)

Holly received her DO from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Virginia Campus. Her BS in biology is from Indiana Wesleyan University.

When Holly interviewed with UNC’s Child Neurology program, she felt at home. UNC’s commitment to diversity and service really resonated with her. She is excited about the many types of learning and teaching opportunities that she will have at UNC. Fun facts: Holly once roasted a marshmallow over volcanic lava and she can say “hello” and “thank you” in over 10 languages. Holly enjoys reading, traveling, playing the flute and crafting.


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (MS Biomedical Sciences)
University of Delaware (Biology)

Since moving to North Carolina, I knew UNC is where I wanted to be. The mission of the program and the resident morale is an environment I found comforting. My labor of love includes years dedicated to the education of minority students interested in STEM and it is a commitment I hope to continue within the UNC medical school. UNC is a place that I pictured offering me a foundation to advance my mentorship, as a resident, with the medical students. Becoming a resident at UNC to me meant great training, varied patient population, local family support, and a sense of inclusion from fellow residents and faculty.

Fun Fact(s):
I love to bake cakes for events, love all forms of art especially photography and oil painting. I also love to run. In my spare time, I run after my toddler!


University of Nebraska College of Medicine
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Biological Systems Engineering)

I chose to come to UNC because I actively enjoyed my conversations with everyone I interviewed and interacted with. I loved the passion for advocacy and outreach the program promoted. I also appreciate the inclusion of clinic and inpatient Child Neurology during the Pediatric and Adult Neurology portions of residency. I am able to get experience and involved in the field I am most passionate about early on in my residency education.

Fun Fact(s):
I love animals. I have two of the softest, fluffiest boy rescue cats that I call “the boys.” Their names are Chitty and Noodles.