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Last updated 7.24.20

Procedures for School of Medicine Badge Requests

In keeping with current UNC COVID-19 policies and protocols, please read the following updates for obtaining a School of Medicine Photo ID Badge or updated badge access permissions.

All SOM Photo ID Badge Requests:

The latest Badge Request Form is located on the School of Medicine Planning Office website:

  • Due to the high volume of badge requests and limited distancing under current UNC COVID-19 protocols, Departments should plan at least a 2-week lead time for all SOM badge requests.
  • Badges will be delivered to badge recipients’ mailing addresses via USPS, or directly to Department coordinators by hand via SOM Planning staff on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • The Department head or designee must submit a completed badge request form, including the CDME/Mandatory Employee designations for the badge recipient. Badge recipients cannot submit the badge request form.
  • Please confirm the CDME designation of your intended badge recipient with your SOM-HR representative before submitting a SOM badge request.
  • ***If the badge recipient is NOT designated “CDME” or “Mandatory Onsite Primary” personnel, that employee must wait until UNC campus returns to normal operations. This is subject to change based on UNC campus policies. For more information, contact your SOM-HR representative.
  • Submit all forms and photos by email to

New Hires/No Previous SOM ID Badge:

At this time, Departments must email passport quality digital photos for new badge recipients.

  • Departments must submit a completed SOM ID badge request form, including the CDME/Mandatory Employee designation of the badge recipient.
  • For new employees or those with no prior SOM ID badge, the Department designee must include a passport quality digital photo of the person receiving the badge (neutral cool background; no outdoor photos/scenery).
  • The badge recipient’s mailing address is required.
  • The Photo ID Badge Office will print and mail the badge to the new employee/recipient.
  • Upon receipt, the badge recipient must email (1) a photo of the front and back of the badge and (2) the PID number to the Photo ID Badge Office as confirmation that the badge was received.

***Badges will not be active until the Photo ID Badge Office receives confirmation from the badge recipient.

If a Department or individual would prefer not to have the badge mailed, then we will offer the same method we use for updated badges, below.

Updated Badges:

For changing departments, job title, expiration dates, etc.

  • Any individual needing to update a SOM ID Badge must have the Department confirm the change approval with the Photo ID Badge Office. This may be submitted to the Photo ID Badge Office via:
    • an email from the Department head/designee or
    • an updated badge request form submitted by the Department head/designee.
  • If the badge recipient wishes to submit a new photo, they must do so via the Department approval email.
    • Photos must be passport quality (neutral cool background; no outdoor photos/scenery).
  • The updated badge will be delivered to a Department coordinator or designee.
    • Note: Badges will not be left in boxes or on desks. Coordinators or designees must receive badges by hand from SOM Photo ID or SOM Planning Office staff.
    • The current badge delivery schedule is Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • When the Department coordinator gives the updated badge to the individual, the old badge needs to be reclaimed as applicable. Department coordinators may return old badges to the Photo ID Office, or they can shred the old badge and send email confirmation to the Photo ID Office.
  • Updated badges will be delivered to Department coordinators on Wednesdays and Fridays.

***Current CDME expiration dates can be extended through 10/1/2020. This is subject to change based on UNC campus policies. For more information, contact your SOM-HR representative.

In case of emergencies:

  • The SOM Photo ID Office is open for emergencies by appointment only, and it closed for walk-ins.
  • External building doors are currently locked due to UNC COVID-19 protocols. Badge recipients with an appointment for visiting the SOM Photo ID Office must be escorted into MacNider Hall by the Department coordinator or a designee who badge access permissions to MacNider Hall.
  • Masks are required per UNC COVID-19 guidelines.
  • If a badge is lost or stops working, the SOM Photo ID Office still requires confirmation of CDME/Mandatory status from the employee’s Department. Once confirmed, the Photo ID Office will then work with the Department on how best to get the individual a new badge.