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School of Medicine-Otolaryngology


The Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery continues to grow, improving the lives of patients with both facial cosmetic and facial reconstructive needs.

The Division began with the hiring of Dr. William Shockley, in 1982.  Originally trained in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, then fellowship-trained in Head and Neck Reconstruction, Dr. Shockley’s practice has progressively evolved from reconstruction of major head and neck deformities to the more focal reconstruction of facial skin cancer defects, post-traumatic facial deformities, and rhinoplasty.  During this evolution in his clinical focus, many UNC residents have followed in his footsteps to fellowship training in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at some of the country’s most elite fellowship programs.  UNC graduates include:

  • Dr. Rick Davis-University of Miami and private practice, Miramar, FL
  • Dr. Rudy Triana -private practice, Mayfield, Kentucky
  • Dr. Madison Clark-University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Dr. Brian Jewett- University of Miami, Miami, FL
  • Dr. Brian Downs-Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Dr. Krishna Patel-Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
  • Dr. Scott Scharer-private practice Jacksonville, FL
  • Dr. Keith Ladner-private practice, Englewood, CO
  • Dr. Diedra Blanks-private practice, Wilmington, NC
  • Dr. Maher Younes-private practice, Iowa
  • Dr. Scott Schadfar-University of Indiana and private practice
  • Dr Josh Surowitz-private practice, Cary, NC

Currently, the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery includes our Director, Dr.William Shockley, Dr. Madison Clark, and Dr. Andrea Jarchow.  The breadth in clinical expertise at UNC extends well beyond basic facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.  The Division of FPRS provides world class care in the most state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures, including facial rejuvenation using multimodality treatments, including laser, fillers, and surgery; a full range of periorbital surgery including ptosis repair, complex eyelid reconstruction, orbital expansion or decompression, resection and reconstruction of complex orbital and periorbital neoplasms; skin cancer reconstruction (with collaboration with Mohs Micrographic Surgeons) and collaboration with the Head and Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Program; pediatric and congenital craniofacial malformations through collaboration with our Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, including Drs. Amelia Drake, Carlton Zdanski, Austin Rose, and Lauren Kilpatrick;  collaboration with our world-class partners in our Division of Skull Base Surgery and Rhinology, such as Drs. Brent Senior, Carlos Ebert, and Brian Thorp.  We bring this highly analytic and multidisciplinary approach to complex rhino-facial orbitofacial,  sino-facial and sinoorbital-facial challenges, in an ever-expanding evolution of the facial and skull base continuum.