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The aging process affects the skin, fat, muscles and bone of the face, with the aggregate result being the sinking and sagging we notice in our face as we age. Faces and necks may age differently, and patients may prefer to correct the effects of aging in different ways.  For the excess skin and/or fat that sags down beneath the chin, there is a surgical procedure that removes that excess and gives the neck a tighter and slimmer look.

Unlike the traditional facelift (hyperlink to that description), the Direct Neck Lift addresses only the central neck beneath the chin; therefore, the jowls and cheeks are left undisturbed.  The surgery doesn’t take as long (generally about 2 hours) and healing time is shorter than the facelift. HOWEVER, there is a tradeoff-there are scars in the neck that are visible.  Fortunately, our technique minimizes the appearance, and examples of before and after photos will be reviewed at your in-office consultation.

Finally, there is no single, standard Direct Neck Lift procedure. Each patient is analyzed carefully and presents a different anatomic picture and requires a different set of tools for an optimal, natural rejuvenation. You can be sure your treatment will be individualized to your particular needs.