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Faces and especially eyes age differently, and patients may prefer to correct the effects of aging around the eyes in different ways.  Aging brows may gradually sag down and crowd the eyes, causing them to lose their youthful “open” appearance, giving the face a “tired” or “sad” look.

There are many techniques for lifting the brows-direct, midforehead, trichophytic, coronal, and endoscopic. The choice in technique balances the “pros” with the “cons”, and each technique has both.  For example, the midforehead technique (used most often in men with receding hairlines) hides the scars in the horizontal lines in the forehead, rather than in the hairline like the trichophytic approach.  But the trichophytic approach causes temporary numbness (sometimes permanent) behind the well-hidden scars. These different approaches and the tradeoffs of each technique will be discussed in detail during your in-office consultation, so that you can choose which technique is right for you.

Finally, the brow lift may be combined with an upper and/or lower blepharoplasty for optimal periorbital rejuvenation. Each patient is analyzed carefully and presents a different anatomic picture and requires a different set of tools for an optimal, natural rejuvenation. You can be sure your treatment will be individualized to your particular needs.