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Thank you so much for fixing my eye when the socket collapsed, It all started when I had double vision and the eye dropped below the bottom of the eye lid. It looked horrible. When you told me that you could fix it, I could hardly believe that my eyes would be straight again. I do know that my vision is back to normal and it has been almost a year since the surgery. Thank you again for making me whole – it is wonderful having you in Burlington.

R.K. Burlington, NC

I am always happy to recommend Dr. Clark to anyone considering facial plastic surgery. Dr. Clark’s expertise in all types of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures is the reason he has many patients, including myself, who travel to Burlington to be treated by him. His diagnostic and surgical skills are excellent; he has a keen eye for determining subtle improvements that make such a difference in a face, especially an aging face such as mine; the nurses and aesthetician are an integral part of the positive experience; appointments are timely but never rushed. I feel very fortunate to have a physician and a practice of this quality in our area.

S.W. Pinehurst, NC

I was very pleased with the results of my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Madison Clark to anyone. My care with the procedure was great.

S.C. Burlington, NC

A few years ago, a sales clerk said, “Today is Senior’s Day. Would you like the senior discount?” I was stunned. She was asking me that question. When did I start looking like a senior? I’m healthy. I workout and eat right. Reality set in. Soon after, during my annual ENT visit, Dr. McQueen and I discussed the possibility of my having a more youthful look. He recommended that I talk with Dr. Clark. So the appointment was made. What a relief! Dr. Clark put my fears to rest. His explanation of what could be done was very promising. His attention to details was what I needed to hear. I wanted him to explain everything. Before my surgery, I was fully confident of Dr. Clark’s incredible talents. My surgery was a life-changing event. My personal life and my professional life have been dramatically changed by looking ten years younger. From my experience, I highly recommend Dr. Clark to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.

New London, NC