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“We believe that the richness of a diverse workplace drives all to their very best, professionally and personally. Cultural humility is not only about relating to patients and their families; it is about working in a culturally rich environment. The patient population we serve at UNC Hospitals is remarkably diverse and, as such, diversity in our residency, fellowship, nursing, faculty and staff enables us to better serve their needs. Promoting diversity in our residency programs is the right thing for our institution, and enables us to provide the very best in clinical care, education and research to the remarkable patients that we serve.
– UNC School of Medicine, Office of Graduate Medical Education


The UNC Health Care Resident Diversity Initiative is composed of residents, fellows, and attending physicians who are committed to maintaining and expanding the diversity of UNC Hospitals’ residency and fellowship programs as well as its faculty. Our mission is to promote minority representation in the hospital’s various training programs and to support a culture that cherishes and values diversity in the hospital community by:

    1. Helping to recruit the most qualified medical students from under-represented minority groups to our residency programs
    2. Strengthening the ties between under-represented medical students, house staff and faculty in the hospital community
    3. Promoting retention of qualified, under-represented medical students, residents, fellows and faculty
    4. Strengthening the hospital’s ties with the under-represented communities of Chapel Hill and across the state of North Carolina through active participation in the recruitment process and provision of a supportive and nurturing environment. Once recruited, we are dedicated to ensuring that the medical staff of UNC Hospitals is reflective of the community that it serves

The Resident Diversity Initiative is a key component of the UNC SOM Faculty Pipeline Initiatives, programs aimed at increasing the number of qualified candidates from under-represented minority populations that serve in faculty leadership positions at UNC.

Want to Connect with a Resident?

Interested in connecting with a current resident in a particular program? Want to learn more about how to become a resident? Please review the list of GME Programs to contact a program coordinator about more information on a particular program. Contact us to ask any other specific questions.

Resident Diversity Initiative

Larry D. Keith Visiting Student Clerkship

The Larry D. Keith Visiting Student Electives Scholarship is a funding opportunity sponsored by the UNC School of Medicine Faculty Pipeline Initiatives that specifically targets underrepresented medical students and those committed to serving in underserved communities.