Joint Faculty

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ASOKAN - Aravind.png Aravind Asokan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Genetics
Research: Synthetic virology and gene therapy
Office: 5123 Thurston
Phone: 919-843-7621
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CLEMMONS - DavidDavid Clemmons, MD
Distinguished Professor, Medicine
Research: Receptor signaling and modulation of cellular actions
Office: 8024 Burnett Womack
Phone: 919-966-4735
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Ed-Collins-2-9-09.jpgEdward Collins, PhD
Professor, Microbiology and Immunology
Research: Molecular recognition by immune molecules
Office: 620 Mary Ellen Jones
Phone: 919-966-6869
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Old wellLyndon Cooper, PhD
Professor and Chair, Prosthodontics
Research: Cell-based tissue engineering
Office: 114 Dental Research Bldg
Phone: 919-966-4579
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GRIFFITH_Jack2009.jpgJack Griffith, PhD
Distinguished Professor, Microbiology
Research: Biochemistry and visualization of protein-DNA interaction
Office: 119 Lineberger
Phone: 919-966-2151
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KAUFMAN - DavidDavid Kaufman, PhD
Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine
Research: DNA replication in S phase of cell cycle
Office: 620B Brinkhous Bullitt
Phone: 919-966-1396
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LEE165_Andrew2009.jpgAndrew Lee, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacy
Research: Structural biophysics and protein NMR spectroscopy
Office: 201A Beard Hall
Phone: 919-966-7821
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garypielak.jpgGary Pielak, PhD
Professor, Chemistry
Research: Protein biophysics in vitro and in vivo
Office: C748 Kenan
Phone: 919-843-8910
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redinbo_matthew.jpgMatthew Redinbo, PhD
Professor, Chemistry
Research: Structural basis of drug and DNA metabolism
Office: B929 Kenan
Phone: 843-8910
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singleton.jpgScott Singleton, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacy
Research: Chemical biology of DNA metabolism
Office: 324 Beard Hall
Phone: 919-966-7954
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Sondek.jpgJohn Sondek, PhD
Professor, Pharmacology
Research: Dbl-family proteins and Rho GTPases
Office: 4060 Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-966-7530
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TOPAL - MichaelMichael Topal, PhD
Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine
Research: DNA processing enzymes and 3-repeat instability
Office: 32-003 Lineberger
Phone: 919-966-8208
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VAZIRI - CyrusCyrus Vaziri, PhD
Associate Professor, Pathology
Research: Regulation o f DNA replication and S-phase checkpoints
Office: 614A Brinkhous Bullitt
Phone: 919-843-9639
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Wilson.jpgElizabeth Wilson, PhD
Professor, Pediatrics
Research: Androgen regulation of gene expression
Office: 3340 Molecular Biomed. Res. Bldg
Phone: 919-966-5168
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