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Continuity experiences:

    • 1-2 half days per week on average in continuity clinic
    • SHAC – coverage of student-run free clinic in the second half of the year
    • Monthly Intern Learning and Intern Support during Wednesday conference


    • Obstetrics & Gynecology (split into a 4 week block of days and a 2 week block of nights)

1 month each:

    • Family Medicine Inpatient- Days
    • Family Medicine Inpatient- Nights (split into two sets of 2 weeks each)
    • Family Medicine Month
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Pediatrics – Inpatient wards
    • Pediatrics – Outpatient clinic
    • Orthopedics
    • Surgical Family Medicine and Procedures
    • General Inpatient Surgery
    • Medical Intensive Care Unit

2-week block:

    • Behavioral Health

Continuity experiences:

    • At least two ½ days per week continuity clinic
    • Finding Meaning in Medicine, monthly
    • SHAC – coverage of student-run free clinic


    • FM Maternal/Child Health

1 month each:

    • Family Medicine Inpatient Service (3 one month blocks divided throughout the year) or Observation Unit
    • Family Medicine Month
    • Pediatric Acute Care
    • Procedures
    • Elective month
    • Quality Improvement in Practice
    • Geriatrics and Behavioral Health

2-week blocks:

    • Vulnerable Populations (Migrant farmworkers, prison medicine)
    • Musculoskeletal Block

Continuity experiences:

    • On average at least four ½ days per week seeing patients in continuity clinic
    • Finding Meaning in Medicine, monthly
    • SHAC – Coverage of student-run free clinic

6-week blocks:

    • FM Maternal/Child Health (x 2)
    • Quality Improvement in Practice

Six 2 week blocks:

    • Family Medicine Inpatient Service Senior (7 days as Daytime FMIS Team Lead)
    • Family Medicine Clinic (7 days, 5 of which are full days of clinic)

2.5 months – Electives:

    • 4 weeks can be taken as “away”
    • Arranged in blocks of 2, 4, or 6 wks

1 month each:

    • Rural practice at Chatham County ED and inpatient service
    • Pediatrics

2-week block:

    • Sports Medicine
In 2010, we established “Areas of Concentration (AOCs)”. This will allow residents with special interests in certain areas to individualize their educational experience. There will likely be additional AOCs in the future based on resident interests.

Health Care Leadership
Lead Faculty: Warren Newton, MD, MPH

Caring for the Underserved
Lead Faculty: Evan Ashkin, MD

Maternal and Child Health
Lead Faculty: Narges Farahi, MD

Sports Medicine
Lead Faculty: Harry Stafford, MD

Lead Faculty: Margaret Helton, MD

Global Health
Lead Faculty: Martha C Carlough, MD MPH

Behavioral Health 
Lead Faculty: Linda Myerhotlz, Ph.D