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Surgery for epilepsy may be an option for some patients who have seizures that are not controlled by anti-epileptic medications. The two primary goals of epilepsy surgery are:

  • To greatly improve the person’s seizure control;
  • To improve the quality of his or her life.

Although some people do become seizure-free after epilepsy surgery, not everyone does so and no surgery is without risk. To ensure that patients have the best chance for a good outcome, we require many vigorous and comprehensive tests.

The best candidates for focal resective epilepsy surgery are patients who:

  • Have seizures that are not controlled with medication;
  • Have the “right type” of seizure: partial onset epilepsy;
  • Have one seizure focus in a part of the brain where it is safe to do surgery;
  • Have a positive attitude and a supportive family;

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