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The UNC sleep team is comprised of the following specialized professionals:

Bradley V. Vaughn, MD

  • Director – UNC Sleep Disorders Center
  • Professor – Adult Neurology
  • Clinical Interests: epilepsy, sleep, and clinical neurophysiology
  • Research Interests: sleep, epilepsy, central control of the autonomic nervous system

Heidi L. Roth, MD

  • Associate Professor – Adult Neurology
  • Clinical Interests: Diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, language disorders and aphasia, diagnosis and treatment of memory loss, awareness and sleep, sleep and aging
  • Research Interests: Memory and sleep, diagnosis and treatment of language disorders and aphasia, hemispheric asymmetries and sleep, primary care and treatment of sleep disorders

Zheng (Jane) Fan, MD

  • Associate Professor – Child Neurology, Sleep Medicine, Clinical Genetics
  • Clinical Interests: Child neurology, pediatric sleep disorders, pediatric neuromuscular disorders and neurogenetic disorders
  • Research Interests: Pediatric sleep disorders, gene therapy in muscular dystrophy, and neurogenetics

Nathan A. Walker, MD

  • Assistant Professor – Sleep Medicine and Memory and Cognitive Disorders
  • Clinical Interests: The interplay of sleep and neurodegenerative disorders

Brent Senior, MD

  • Director of Sleep Related Surgeries

George Blakey, MD

  • Oral Maxillary Facial Surgery

Phillip Isaacs, PA

  • Physician Assistant

Eric Jensen, MD

  • Director of the Medwell Program