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The Neurogenetics team and our collaborators across UNC strive to increase access to informed patient-centered clinical care, genetic counseling, and genetic testing.   

In-person, telemedicine (video) appointments, and e-consults available: 

We provide: 

  • Diagnostic consults, including pre- and post-test genetic counseling 
  • Genetic counseling for symptomatic individuals 
  • Neurology specialty consults regarding treatment options for neurogenetic conditions 
  • Genetic counseling and testing for at-risk individuals 
    • also called predictive testing, pre-symptomatic testing
  • Initial visits to establish care for neurogenetic conditions in UNC neurology specialty clinics  

Diagnostic consults: 

  • Appointments include a consultation with a physician and genetic counselor. Initial visit includes a neurological physical evaluation, collection of personal and family history, review of existing genetic testing data, targeted genetics recommendations, and genetic counseling. 
  • Pre-test counseling is part of the initial visit if new genetic testing recommended 
  • When appropriate, a second visit with post-test genetic counseling completes the consult. 

Genetic counseling for symptomatic individuals:

  • Appointments are usually with a genetic counselor. Initial visits may be with a physician and genetic counselor depending on patient needs.  
  • Pre-test genetic counseling: 
    • For symptomatic individuals at-risk for a specific neurogenetic condition 
    • For specific genetic testing protocols such as whole exome sequencing 
  • Post-test genetic counseling visits may be paired with pre-test genetic counseling visits, or may be stand-alone visits to review existing genetic test results 

Genetic counseling and testing for at-risk individuals: 

  • Disorders with immediate treatments or monitoring protocols for pre-symptomatic patients 
    • All ages 
    • Pre-test and post-test genetic counseling as above 
  • Adult-onset neurodegenerative disorders (also termed “predictive testing”) 
    • Adults only 
    • Pre-test genetic counseling visit: Appointment focuses on whether and why a patient wishes to know their genetic status, pros and cons of predictive testing, and informed empowered decision making around genetic testing. Genetic testing is not a required part of the visit. 
    • Post-test counseling visit: Provided regardless of genetic testing results.  

UNC Neurology specialty consults regarding:

  • Treatment options for neurogenetic conditions 
  • Establishing care for neurogenetic conditions 

Pre-test genetic counseling:

  • An in-depth discussion about individual personal and family medical history. This can help determine if genetic testing is indicated and which genetic testing is most appropriate. If recommended, genetic testing can be ordered as part of this appointment. 

Post-test genetic counseling:

  • A comprehensive review of genetic test results. Includes medical recommendations or referrals, psychosocial implications of test results, review of support organizations including advocacy and research resources.  

Collaborative care in interdisciplinary clinics: