Dr. Patel

Nirali Patel, MD

Assistant Professor

Office: 919-966-4408

E-mail: nirali_patel@med.unc.edu

Research Interests

My special interest is molecular genetic pathology.

Selected Publications

Zhao X, Wang A, Walter V, Patel NM, Eberhard DE, Hayward MC, Salazar AH, Jo H, Soloway MG, Wilkerson MD, Parker JS, Yin X, Siegel MB, Rosson GB, Earp HS, Sharpless NE, Gulley ML, Weck KE, Hayes DN, Moschos SJ. Combined Targeted DNA Sequencing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Using UNCseq and NGScopy, and RNA Sequencing Using UNCqeR for the Detection of Genetic Aberrations in NSCLC. PLosOne. 2015;10(5):e0129280. PMID:26076459

Montgomery ND, Parker JS, Eberhard DA, Patel NM, Weck KE, Sharpless NE, Hu Z, Hayes DN, Gulley ML. Identification of Human Papillomavirus Infection in Cancer Tissue by Targeted Next Generation Sequencing. In press, Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol.

Liu Y, Marks K, Cowley GS, Carretero J, Liu Q, Nieland TJ, Xu C, Cohoon TJ, Gao P, Zhang Y, Chen Z, Altabef AB, Tchaicha JH, Wang X, Choe S, Driggers EM, Zhang J, Bailey ST, Sharpless NE, Hayes DN, Patel NM, Janne PA, Bardeesy N, Engelman JA, Manning BD, Shaw RJ, Asara JM, Scully R, Kimmelman A, Byers LA, Gibbons DL, Wistuba II, Heymach JV, Kwiatkowski DJ, Kim WY, Kung AL, Gray NS, Root DE, Cantley LC, Wong KK. Metabolic and functional genomic studies identify deoxythymidylate kinase as a target in LKB1-mutant lung cancer. Cancer Discov. 2013;3(8):870-9. PMID:23715154.

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