Margaret Gulley

Margaret L. Gulley, MD


Office: 919-843-4595

Research Interests

The Gulley Lab studies virus-related malignancies including lymphoma and carcinomas (nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal and gastric) as well as premalignant lesions and non-invasive tests of neoplasia. Molecular and immunologic techniques are used to evaluate viral gene expression and to evaluate interactions between viral and cellular gene products. A major goal is to categorize lesions in ways that improve diagnosis and management of affected patients. Tests used to assist in classification and monitoring of virus-related malignancies include viral load assays that may monitor tumor burden in blood and cerebrospinal fluid, EBER in situ hybridization and other histochemical methods to localize viral infection in paraffin embedded tissues or cytologic specimens, and massive parallel sequencing to profile viral and human genes and gene products. A related focus of clinical research is to advance the use of genomic technology in diagnostic pathology, with the aim of improving outcomes for patients with cancer, heritable disease, and infectious disease.

Research Services: Please visit Dr. Gulley’s Molecular Diagnostics web page for detailed information on research services available through Dr. Gulley’s laboratory.

Unique Technical and Clinical Research Capabilities/Instrumentation: Facilities are available for tissue and plasma storage, DNA or RNA extraction, real-time PCR and rtPCR, in situ hybridization and other histochemistry tests targeting a wide variety of clinically-relevant human genes or infectious agents, and massive parallel sequencing of DNA and RNA. Importantly, CLIA grade assays may be developed for use in clinical trials.

Course in Molecular Diagnostics: The Department offers biennially a comprehensive, one-month course in Molecular Diagnostics & Cytogenetics.

Training Programs: Information on fellowship training opportunities at UNC in Molecular Genetic Pathology, Laboratory Genetics & Genomics, and Clinical Microbiology is available online.

Clinical Services: The McLendon Clinical Laboratories at UNC Hospitals offer a wide variety of clinical laboratory tests.

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