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Latorius Adams, MHS

  • Care Navigator
  • The UNC HD Program gratefully acknowledges a generous gift from the Griffin Foundation that enables case management access for our HD patients and families.

Robert Kanser, PhD - image

Robert Kanser, PhD

  • Neuropsychologist

Julianne Key, MA

  • Research Coordinator
  • Julianne Key is a clinical research coordinator by day and a wedding photographer by weekends. She works with the Neurology Clinical Trials Unit on movement disorders studies.

Tanya P. Garcia, PhD - image

Tanya Garcia PhD 

  • Research Faculty
  • With prior funding from the Huntington Disease Society of America and NIH, I am a biostatistician committed to unraveling the complexities of Huntington disease progression. The unique nature of Huntington disease, in that people with the gene mutation are guaranteed to develop the disease, presents a unique case study for statistical modeling that fascinates me. One of my long-term goals is to develop reproducible statistical methods that reliably estimate how symptoms worsen before and after clinical diagnosis, so that researchers can identify when experimental therapies could best modify that disease course, and design well-powered clinical trials to test those therapies. Developing these methods will advance my ultimate vision to help patients suffering from this devastating neurodegenerative disease.