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Adult Epilepsy

Suzette LaRoche, MD, FACNS, FAAN

  • Interim Chief of the Division of Epilepsy
  • Professor of Neurology, Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Clinical Interests: Providing specialty care to under-served and rural populations
  • Research Interests: EEG monitoring in critically ill patients, video EEG monitoring for diagnosis of seizures, non-epileptic seizures and functional neurological disorders
  • Board Certifications: ABPN Epilepsy,  ABCN Critical Care EEG, ABCN Epilepsy Monitoring, ABPN Clinical Neurophysiology, ABPN Neurology

Albert Hinn, MD

  • Director of Clinical Neurophysiology and Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM)
  • Professor of Neurology, Adjunctive Professor of Neurosurgery
  • Clinical interests: Epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology
  • Research interests: Intraoperative monitoring
  • Board Certification: ABPN Neurology and ABCN Clinical Neurophysiology

Bradley V. Vaughn, MD

  • Professor of Neurology, Biomedical Engineering and Allied Health Sciences
  • Clinical interests: Epilepsy, sleep disorders, and nocturnal events
  • Research interests: Sleep disorders, epilepsy, interaction of sleep and epilepsy, sleep physiology and disorders in neurological disorders
  • Board Certification: ABPN Neurology, ABPN Sleep Medicine, ABCN Clinical Neurophysiology, ABSM Sleep Medicine

Angela Wabulya, MBChB

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology
  • Fellowship Program Director
  • Clinical interests: Epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, intraoperative monitoring
  • Research interests: Epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, epilepsy care in underserved populations
  • Board Certification: ABPN Neurology, ABPN Epilepsy

Clio Rubinos, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology
  • Clinical Interests: Critical care, traumatic brain injury, intracranial hemorrhage, acute ischemic stroke, status epilepticus, epilepsy, critical care EEG and clinical neurophysiology
  • Research Interests: EEG, serum and CSF biomarkers and multimodality monitoring to measure brain function and prediction of epileptogenesis
  • Board Certification: ABPN Clinical Neurophysiology, ABPN Adult Neurology

Atif Tahir Sheikh, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology – Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Clinical Interests: Management of refractory epilepsy through epilepsy surgery, including pre-surgical work up, intracranial EEG monitoring, and targeted treatment options
  • Procedures and Research Interests: Epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, electroencephalography (EEG) in the EMU and ICU settings, stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG), intraoperative monitoring, and evoked potentials

Brandon Waters, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology – Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Clinical Interests: Status epilepticus diagnosis and treatment; refractory epilepsy management, including complex pharmacotherapy and epilepsy surgery; pre-surgical evaluations for epilepsy surgery; neuropsychiatric comorbidities in epilepsy
  • Procedures: Continuous video electroencephalography (EEG) in the EMU and ICU settings, ambulatory EEG, stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG), electrocorticography (ECoG), WADA testing, intraoperative neuromonitoring, neurostimulation (VNS, RNS, DBS) and evoked potentials
  • Research: Status epilepticus treatment and outcomes; development of epileptic networks in patients with focal epilepsy; cognitive and neuropsychological outcomes of epilepsy surgery; quantitative EEG in critical care monitoring
  • Board Certification: ABPN Neurology

Linh Ngo, FNP

  • Epilepsy Nurse Practitioner

Shabina Sheikh, NP

  • Epilepsy Nurse Practitioner

Erin Carrier, LCSW

  • Epilepsy Social Worker

Pediatric Epilepsy

Michael Tennison, MD

  • Professor of Neurology
  • Clinical interests: Epilepsy in childhood, neurogenetics
  • Research interests: Treatment of epilepsy
  • Board Certification: ABPN Child Neurology, ABCN Clinical Neurophysiology

Chon Lee, MD

  • Associate Professor
  • Clinical Interests:  Evaluation and management of pediatric epilepsy
  • Research Interests: Epidiolex (cannabidiol) for epilepsy
  • Board Certifications: Epilepsy, Epilepsy Monitoring, Child Neurology, Pediatrics

Yael Shiloh-Malawsky, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology
  • Clinical Interests: Epilepsy in childhood
  • Research interests: Neuroplasticity, neuromuscular disease, and epilepsy
  • Board Certifications: ABPN Child Neurology, ABPN Epilepsy

Quian-Zhou (Jojo) Yang, MD

  • Assistant Professor – Child Neurology and Epilepsy
  • Director, Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
  • Clinical interests: Surgery for medically refractory epilepsy, precision therapeutics for genetic epilepsies, integrative medicine in neurology
  • Board Certification: Neurology with Special Qualification in Child Neurology
  • Board eligible: Epilepsy

Senyene Hunter, MD, PhD

  • Assistant Professor – Child Neurology and Epilepsy
  • Research Interests: Epilepsy neurogenetics, neonatal seizures
  • Board Certification: ABPN Child Neurology


Scott Elton, MD

  • Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • Professor of Neurosurgery
  • Specialties: Craniofacial disorders, Chiari malformations, tethered spinal cord disorders, spinal cord and brain tumors, the treatment of neurosurgical disorders of the brain and spine in infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

Eldad Hadar, MD

  • Vice Chair of Neurosurgery and Surgical Director of Epilepsy Surgery Program
  • Program Director, Section Chief of Functional Neurosurgery
  • Professor of Neurosurgery
  • Specialties: Functional and epilepsy, DBS, epilepsy surgery, tumor and vascular surgery, spinal and peripheral nerve surgery


Matthew Harris, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Neuropsychology

Karla Thompson, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Neuropsychology
  • Specialties: Acquired Brain Dysfucntions, Cognitive Disorders Associated with Aging, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Back Pain and Other Disabling Conditions, Emotional and Behavioral Changes, Chronic Conditions.


Jarrett Barnhill, MD

  • Professor of Psychiatry


Valerie Jewells, DO

  • Associate Professor of Radiology, Neuroradiology section

Epilepsy and EMU Coordinators

La Toya Bethea

  • EMU and Epilepsy Surgery Coordinator