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In WordPress, images, files (Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, etc.), audio and video are all considered media items.  These items can be uploaded to the Media of your web site. Note that the max size of any file is 65MB.

All Media Files (Documents, Images, Audio and Video Files)

  1. How to add media files
  2. How to update media files (replace in place)
  3. Where to find the url of a media file
  4. Adding image captions
  5. How to resize/edit images
  6. Stock images
  7. How to Add YouTube Videos


Even though audio and video files can be uploaded to a site’s Media folder (max file size of 65MB), it is recommended that you host them on a server specifically set up to stream media. The most commonly used video hosting platforms used at the School of Medicine are Panopto, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Learn More About Your Video Options

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