of the training links listed on this page go to the UNC LinkedIn Learning training site.  LinkedIn Learning is a UNC Chapel Hill licensed online video-training library that is available for FREE to UNC Faculty, Staff and Students. To access LinkedIn Learning, you must first log in with your Onyen through the UNC LinkedIn Learning Sign-In.


In WordPress, files (Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint files), images and video are all considered media files.  These files can be found under the Media tab in the Dashboard.

Media files are not organized and there are no folders with which to organize them. All media files will be listed in the order in which they were uploaded. There is a search feature to help you find the media file you are looking for.

  1. Using the Media Grid


  1. Adding Images to Posts and Pages
  2. Move an Image
  3. Creating Image Galleries
  4. Another way to create image galleries is through the Envira Gallery plugin.  Check out the plugin section of our web guide for detailed instructions on how to use this plugin.
  5. Image Attachment Pages and Search Engine Optimization
  6. Crop, rotate, flip and/or scale images through WordPress.  Yes, you really can do all this in WordPress!
    1. Click the Media tab in the Dashboard.
    2. Click on the image you wish to manipulate.
    3. In the pop-up box, click on the Edit Image button located directly below the image.
    4. You can crop, rotate, flip and scale an image as desired.
    5. Don’t forget to click the Save button when you are done.



  1. Adding content from YouTube and similar sites
  2. Working with audio and video