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The above video mentions HeelStream as a place to upload and store videos. HeelStream is not longer available and has been replaced with Panopto, the new video hosting environment supported by UNC. Please view our Video documentation for more information.

Best Practices

  • Use a descriptive filename. For example, use dr-bob-smith.jpg rather than image-123.jpg. Search engines use the filename to understand your images.
  • Crop and resize images before uploading them. The longest side (the length or width) of an image in most cases should be no longer than 900 pixels. Cropping images to 900 pixels or less will help mitigate the file size. The smaller the file size of an image, the faster it will load. This will provide a better users experience to site visitors. It will also improve search engine optimization since search engines consider the time it takes to load a webpage when ranking sites.