School of Medicine Training

  • Columns – learn how to lay out content in columns.
  • Buttons – there are different sizes and colors of buttons that you can add.
  • Horizontal Rules – styled lines that are used to separate content or define a change in topic.
  • Notification Boxes – add colored boxes to your pages
  • Remove Link Icons – document links automatically display an icon to indicate what file type they are (.doc, .pdf, etc). Learn how to remove that icon.
  • Font Awesome Icons –¬† add icons to page headers.
  • Accordions¬†– create accordion toggles for hiding and showing information.
  • Featured Article
  • Hero – display a large hero image combined with a content box and a circular avatar photo.
  • Avatar Box
  • Clamp Box

Related Training on LinkdIn Learning

The training links listed below go to the UNC LinkedIn Learning training site.  LinkedIn Learning is a UNC Chapel Hill licensed online video-training library that is available for FREE to UNC Faculty, Staff and Students. To access LinkedIn Learning, you must first log in with your Onyen through the UNC LinkedIn Learning Sign-In.