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SOM users have either a Standard UNC Zoom Account or a HIPAA-Enabled Zoom Account.

  • If you are unsure which account you have, log into UNC Zoom.
  • Select “Account Profile” in the left nav.
  • If you have a HIPAA enabled account, the Account Name will show “HIPAA.”

Zoom cloud recordings will automatically copy into Panopto if you have the Standard UNC Zoom Account.

  • Zoom will create a “Meeting Recordings” folder under your personal “My Folder.” This is where recordings will be stored automatically.
  • These recordings can easily be moved to other folders (simply drag and drop).
  • Settings in Panopto will also allow you to specify which folder recordings should be saved to. For more information, please attend our training on Managing and Sharing Panopto Recordings (free).

HIPAA-enabled account recordings will not copy into Panopto. However, those can be uploaded into Panopto as long as they don’t contain Protected Health Information (PHI).

All Zoom cloud recordings are deleted from Zoom after 30 days.

Visit the SOM Zoom Support page for more details or to opt-out of the HIPAA enabled account.