To insert a set of accordion toggles into a webpage, follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Open the edit page for the website

Accordions Edit

Step 2:

Select the “Toolbar Toggle” tool to expand shortcode options

Toolbar Toggle

Step 3:

Select the “Toggle/Accordion” shortcode option

Toggle/Accordion Shortcode

Step 4:

When the window opens, click “Insert Toggle”

Toggle/Accordion window

Step 5:

The following shortcode will be inserted into your page

Toggle shortcode text

Step 6:

This is what the accordion will look like on a page

Accordion expansion

Step 7:

Multiple types of content can be inserted on a page within the toggle shortcode, including media

Not just text

Step 8:

This will display the media within the accordion toggle

Media in toggle

To see an example, view the Accordion constructed below by following the steps above.

Toggle 1 Content Goes Here.
Toggle 3 Content Goes Here.
Toggle 4 Content Goes Here.