User Roles

WordPress has five different user roles that can be assigned to individual users, each with their own capabilities and limitations. These roles are, Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, and Administrator.

  1. The capabilities of the Subscriber role are limited to only one thing: managing their own profile.  School of Medicine sites don’t need this role since we don’t allow comments on our sites.
  2. The Contributor has the capability of contributing content to your site. That said, the only capabilities the Contributor has are creating, editing, and deleting their own unpublished posts. They can’t upload media items (images, files, etc.), publish posts, or even edit or delete a post once it’s been published. When logged in as Contributor, the published panel in the post editor shows a “submit for review” button, rather than the “publish” button. The Contributor can also create new events and new directory posts, but cannot publish them.
  3. The Author has the same capabilities as the Contributor plus the ability to publish, edit, and delete their own published posts, as well as uploading media elements.The Author can publish new events and directory entries, but cannot edit others.
  4. The Editor has the same capabilities as the Author plus the ability to edit, publish or delete any post (not just their own), manage categories, manage links and read private pages and posts.The Editor is also able to publish and edit pages, events, and directory posts other than their own.
  5. The Administrator has the same capabilities as the Editor plus the ability to add, edit, and delete users, and also change their user roles.  They are given access to the Customizer and have the ability to edit the Appearance settings in the Dashboard which includes managing the Menus and Widgets.The Administrator has access to edit Forms as well, and is able to manage Plugins.

Add a New User

For security reasons, only users with an active Onyen can be given access to a School of Medicine website. If you need to add someone who is outside of the University, they will need to get an Affiliate Onyen.

  1. In your dashboard, click on Users.
    Note: Certain main campus and School of Medicine IT personnel will be granted access to your site for support reasons.  These people will display under the Users category of the dashboard.
  2. Click on the Add New button at the top of the page or the Add UNC User link in the dashboard.
  3. Add the Onyen where indicated.  You can add multiple users at one time by separating the onyens with commas or new lines. For security reasons, all users must have an active Onyen. If you need to add someone outside of the University they will need to get an Affiliate Onyen.
  4. Select a role to assign to the new user.
  5. Click the Add Users button.