Some of the training links listed on this page go to the training site. is a UNC Chapel Hill licensed online video-training library that is available for FREE to UNC Faculty, Staff and Students. To access, you must first log in with your Onyen through the UNC Sign-In.

  1. Posts vs. pages in WordPress 
  2. When to Use Pages 
  3. Creating Pages 
  4. Formatting Content on Posts and Pages  – even though the video demos how to format content in a post, the process works the same for pages
  5. Quick Shortcuts to Format Text 
  6. Creating and Editing Links 
  7. Using Revisions 
  8. Publishing Posts and Pages 
  9. Adding Images to Posts and Pages 
  10. Move an Image 
  11. Adding content from YouTube and similar sites 
  12. Working with audio and video 
  13. Creating Page Hierarchies 
  14. Quick/Bulk Edit posts and pages 
  15. Change what the home page displays