The School of Medicine web system has a robust directory product that allows you to create profiles of your faculty/staff/residents and then display them in galleries on your site.  The top benefits of the system include:

  1. Uniform look for all profile pages
  2. The system can collect and display all profiles in a gallery view.
  3. There are three different ways you can display your galleries: tabular view, single-column and multi-column.
  4. You can limit the gallery to display a certain group of people (e.g.: just your faculty, staff, residents, etc.)
  5. The gallery will automatically display everyone in alphabetical order by last name (no need to manually sort people)
  6. You can override the alphabetical sort and assign priority placement on any profile.  This is often used for department chairs and center directors.

Enable the People Directory Plugin

We use the UNC People Directory plugin to create people profiles on a site.  If ‘Directory‘ isn’t an option in your Dashboard then you will need to activate the plugin before you can add people profiles to your site. To activate the plugin…

  1. In your site’s dashboard, click on Plugins.
  2. Find and activate the UNC People Directory plugin.