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The Featured Image filed is where a person’s profile image needs to be uploaded. This image will automatically display in all galleries as well as a persons full profile. If no photo is uploaded, a generic Old Well image will display instead.

example of profiles with and without a feature image

In the above screenshot from the Pathology directory, Dr. Curley and Dr. Dent have a Featured Image added to their profile but Shelby Currier does not.

Feature Image Specs

Feature images should be cropped to a 4 x 5 aspect ratio.  Cropping them to 400 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall format is ideal.

For consistency, try to crop all your headshots in a similar fashion, with the same amount of white space around the head and shoulders.


Attach a Photo to a Profile

  1. Edit a profile.
  2. Go to the Featured Image box on the right side of the screen and click the Set featured image link.
  3. Either select an existing image from the media library or upload a new one.
  4. The Featured Image will be used as the photo that displays on an individuals profile page as well as in any galleries.