News & Events

Adding News
News items (distinct from pages and event items) are items that automatically appear in the Lineage News Portlet. News items are also unique in that they allow you to include a lead image that follows the news item wherever it goes.
Adding Events
Events are announcements (distinct from News items) that are easily accessible from the Events Portlet, which automatically appears in the third, right-hand column whenever events are published.
Your site has a built-in calendar for viewing published events. It's available to all visitors as long as the 'Events' folder is published, and it allows users to download events in iCal format, for import into programs like Microsoft Outlook. If you're a site owner or manager, you can even add and edit events directly on the calendar by left or right clicking dates and time slots!
Creating Multiple Calendars
Need another calendar? One specifically for students? Or a web-based Intranet calendar for your department? Add one by changing the settings of a folder.
Adding Events to the School of Medicine Home Page
Events can be added to the School of Medicine home page calendar by any user with a valid Onyen.