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Divisions allow you to tag or categorize profiles and then selectively display those group of profiles. This is key if you plan to organize or filter people by role, program, graduating class year, etc.

How to Add Divisions

There are two places where new divisions can be created:

While Editing a Profile

  1. Go to the right sidebar widget called Divisions.
  2. Click + Add New Division, and enter the new division name.

On the Divisions Page

  1. select Directory > Divisions in the dashboard menu
  2. Under the Add New Division heading, add a name to the Name field.
  3. Click the green, Add New Division button.

Once you’ve created a division, it will show up as an option for all profiles.

You may assign multiple divisions to a profile by checking multiple boxes on a profile.

Editing and Deleting Divisions

To edit or delete existing divisions, select Directory > Divisions in the dashboard menu.

Then select the division you wish to edit or delete.

Deleting a division will not delete any profiles; it will just remove that division from any profile to which it had been assigned.

How to Find a Division Slug

You will sometimes need the division slug when creating a gallery page.

Select Directory > Divisions in the dashboard menu.

The table on the Divisions page has a column that displays the slug name.

You can add a division’s slug to the gallery shortcode to limit the display to that division’s profiles.



The OB-GYN web site uses Divisions to display people by role/function. They created a page that displays their entire directory as well as a page for each division (Administration, Family Planning, General Obstetrics and Gynecology, Global Women’s Health, Gynecologic Oncology, Horizons Program, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Midwives, etc.).

People directory sample for OBGYN

UNC Lineberger

UNC Lineberger uses a tabular display for their global directory listing.  They also use divisions to selectively display people by program (breast cancer, cancer cell biology, cancer epidemiology, cancer genetics, etc.).

People directory sample for UNC Lineberger


Urology uses the divisions to display their residents by year.


Urology also used divisions to display their faculty that work at each office location.

Urology example 2